Do I really need more make-up?

I really am one of those people who is all or nothing. I either walk into Boots and buy nothing at all thinking "I will thank myself for saving money"… or I head straight to Covent Garden during my trip to London and spend a small fortune on make-up products. However, I have bought products that I have wanted for a very long time, so that's justified, right?

Firstly, it was my birthday on July 1st, and my boyfriend very kindly bought me the Iconic London Original Illuminator as part of my birthday presents, and it's safe to say it has changed my life. One thing I love about this product is the science-y feel it has when using the pipette to apply the product. I am such a nerd for things like that.

I am quite pale but I wear yellow toned foundation, so I decided that shade original was best for me, a more golden colour than their paler option, Shine, which is more of a pearly shade. I apply a small amount to my hand, and dab my damp beauty blender into it, before using this to apply to my cheekbones. It gives the most glowy, dewy look to your face. It really is beautiful. And, if you are like me and love your highlighter, then this is a PERFECT base for applying a powder highlight on top. It really makes your powder highlight pop and it's safe to say that I could probably be seen from the moon when I combine the two. Just for reference, the highlight palette I use is the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero palette.

Quite a while ago, I bought the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes in style Feline. I've always been a fan of the Volume Million Lashes range, but I had never tried this one. I've recently had LVL lashes, so this mascara works even better. It has the perfect wand for reaching all of your lashes. I apply two coats of this and it really does make all the difference.

Before I went to London, Anastasia Beverly Hills launched their brand new Subculture palette. I saw the pictures online and nearly died at the colours. If you haven't seen it yet then 1) where have you been? and, 2) it's b-e-a-utiful. It went on sale at 5:00pm UK time and I knew I had to have it. It's very rare that I buy something as quickly as that, but because I have the Modern Renaissance palette, I thought that if it's anything like that then it's worth the money.

It arrived two days after I ordered it, and I opened it immediately. The colours. The matte to shimmer ratio. It had it all. Now, here's the sad part. This is not as good as Modern Renaissance, in my personal opinion, and in the opinion of quite a few other people it would seem. The colours are incredible, that is not my issue. My issue is the blendability. Now, I am no make up guru, but I have never had an issue with blending eyeshadows before. I heard Holly Boon talking about the exact same issue. I have tried different brushes and different primers, but nothing helps them to blend. So, if you are going to buy this palette, by all means do, but expect to put a LOT more work into blending your shadows than you are used to.

Next – my Covent Garden haul. I believe it is important to mention that when you step out of Covent Garden station, Charlotte Tilbury is just across the street, so I accidentally fell into the shop and bought the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation in shade 2. This is a very lightweight foundation with a dewy finish, not something to go for if you are looking for a more full coverage foundation. I tried this foundation the next morning, and I was a bit apprehensive as to whether it would last all day (I mean, I hoped it would for £32) with it being light coverage, but I was wrong. I applied it with a flat foundation brush, and then blended it in with a damp beauty blender. Afterwards, I set my face with a powder and, to my surprise, it lasted all day long.  It is a very beautiful foundation and gave me that really healthy glow.

I then headed straight to MAC and I already had some products in mind. As someone who loves the make-up looks that Plouise creates, I knew I had to get the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer in shade NW15 for carving our my brows and using as an eyeshadow base, as well as brushes 242 and 224. For those of you who are unaware, Plouise is a make-up artist based in Manchester with her own make-up academy and huge social media following, and anything she tells you to buy, you go and do it!

Brush 242 is a flat ended concealer brush, perfect for carving our your eyebrows and applying concealer to your lid. It's very precise and I've found it does the job wonderfully. Additionally, brush 224 is probably the fluffiest eyeshadow brush I have ever used. I use this for blending my eyeshadows together and find that it works better than any fluffy brush I have ever used.

Luckily, it was national lipstick day and MAC were giving away a free lipstick when you spent over £40. There was a choice between six, so I chose shade "Fleshpot". I love a nude lipstick, but this is very nude, so I apply my NYX lipliner underneath, giving it a bit more colour so my lips don't look as washed out.

Next up? Bobbi Brown. I picked up the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which Nick kindly bought for me as part of my anniversary present. I've wanted this for so long after watching Jamie Genevieve use it over and over again, so I finally went for it. It smells amazing and I've already used it under my foundation and it lasted all day. A little goes a very long way with this product, and I just know it's going to become one of my holy grails.

Last but not least, I picked up two of the Holler and Glow face masks from Primark. I've seen these all over Instagram but the Primark by me is awful, so I had to pick some up while I was there. These are so cool. The picture on the packaging is the picture on your facemask, so I picked up a rainbow one and a galaxy one. It looks daft on, but it makes for an hilarious snapchat.

I have already used the rainbow one. I did my usual skincare routine, then put the mask on for 15 minutes, before removing it and pressing the excess moisture into my skin. This left my skin feeling unbelievably soft, so I'll definitely be picking more up in London next weekend!





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