I’m sorry for being so absent on here recently, but if you follow my Instagram you will see that I have been in Paris, and it’s fair to say I had the time of my life! I’ve only ever been once when I was around 7, so to go back and do so much in 4 days was amazing, but my feet and legs are definitely paying for it now! Here’s a little breakdown of what we did whilst in Paris.


Of course, whilst in Paris, I went to Sephora.. three times. I went to Paris with my boyfriend, soyYou expect every boyfriend to moan about this, but mine is such a bad influence (I love it) “go on Liz, buy something!” “Oh, this is nice, why don’t you get this?” And then out of nowhere, my basket is full and I’ve spent a fortune.

One of my friends had been recently and said they hadn’t seen any Anastasia Beverly Hills, so I was gutted, but then I found one and bought a brow wiz.. and the modern Renaissance palette, which might I add, is beautiful. I also bought a few other bits including the Kat Von D loose powder, tattoo liner and some other products too.


Paris is definitely one of my favourite places, and my favourite trip I’ve been on so far. My boyfriend bought me the trip for Christmas, so as you can imagine, we’ve been counting down for nearly 4 months, and the trip definitely did not disappoint. We did so much in the space of 4 days. We visited the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, Montmatre and many other places.


For those of you who don’t know (because I didn’t) what Montmatre is, it’s basically a church on top of a hill, with restaurants and bars and artists in a square nearby, and as you stand by the church you can view the whole of Paris. It really is breathtaking and such a special place to visit! If you are heading to Paris I would highly recommend visiting. The square where the restaurants are is surreal. It’s a bit like being in a movie scene. The artists are all so amazing and there is constant music playing while you’re eating in the square.

One of my favourite moments of the trip was the first night. We got a Dominos pizza each, then went and sat outside the Eiffel Tower on the grass and waited for it to light up. It really was special and so amazing. Be warned, a lot of annoying men constantly pester you to buy things such as beer and wine, but if you are happy to ignore this, then this experience is something so special. We sat there for over an hour and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever done. We also went up the Eiffel Tower the next morning and the views were breathtaking. The queue was long but so worth the wait because it’s an experience like no other.

Disneyland was amazing, as always. The queues were horrific but that’s what you expect when you visit. It was so magical and everything about it was beautiful. We bought tickets for both parks and we spent around 9/10 hours in Disney altogether. We only managed to go on four rides, but we didn’t mind, it’s exactly what we expected. We enjoyed the day so much and it’s safe to say we were shattered when we got back to our hotel.

On our last morning in Paris we visited Sephora (again), and then by chance, came across Love Lock Bridge. I’d been dying to go but we couldn’t seem to find it, and then by accident we stumbled across it. We bought a padlock from one of the men on the bridge, wrote our names on it and locked it to the bridge. It was so amazing to see everyone else’s padlocks, some even had proposals on which was so surreal. It was an amazing way to finish our holiday, and I already can’t wait to go back to Paris again.

This is only a mini breakdown of our time away, I feel that if I wrote everything then this post would take forever. Expect a lot of pictures over on my Instagram because I have serious blues. I’d also love to know your favourite places in Paris in the comments!

I’ll be sure not to leave my blog for this long again, I’ve definitely missed it. See you soon.




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