Hey guys!

So, I’ve been searching for the same blouse for months ever since I saw Lissy Roddy wearing it, and it’s impossible to get your hands on, that is, unless you are willing to pay extra.

Now, I’m a fan of depop, don’t get me wrong, I often sell my unwanted clothes on there myself, as I think it’s a great way to get rid of clothes that you no longer need/wear/like. However, if you like something online but it’s sold out in your size, depop is a bugger for trying to find that garment for the SAME price as in store/online. Yes, that’s right, even though something someone is selling could still come back in stock on the website, people are willing to sell it for double the price! You may think “what’s wrong with that? Surely if you want it you’ll pay it?” And okay, I see your point, however, not when that person has worn the item and then thinks it’s still okay to sell it for DOUBLE the price.

So, the blouse in question (if you are a fan of Lissy Roddy, I’m sure you know already, as she’s made it pretty iconic)..

Photo from @lissyroddyy / Lissy Roddy

This blouse doesn’t look like much on the website, but Lissy has styled it in SO many different ways that she has made everyone fall in love with it.

This blouse is 9.99 from H&M, yep, just £9.99, however it is being sold on depop for as dear as £35! But why? Why when the person selling it for that price has worn it several times? All because they know that it’s sold out in store and online, and are therefore selling it for ridiculous prices. I don’t mind paying a bit extra if it is unworn and I really do love the item, however, an extra £25 for something someone has worn three times? Or could have got make up on (we all know the struggle of those girls that leave orange make up marks on the perfect white blouse in Zara).

Photo from @lissyroddyy / Lissy Rossy

I think this is something that is extremely unfair. If I sell something on depop that I’ve never worn, I still sell it for just below the price on the website, because I’d charge for delivery, and therefore I think it’s only fair to do that! I would never charge extra for something I’ve worn just because you know people really want it.

You may not agree with me, however, I think selling something for double or triple the price when you know how much people love it is totally unfair, especially when you’ve worn it and you know they can’t get it in store so are willing to charge extra. It’s not okay. I’d much rather sell it for the normal price, knowing that someone is going to make great use of the item that they clearly want so much and get the absolute maximum wear out of it, rather than selling it for a profit to benefit my bank balance by £20.

I genuinely believe that this is something that should be clamped down on on Depop. For example, everybody goes mad when touts sell concert tickets for extra money just to benefit themselves, so why is it okay to do that with clothes too? I know it’s not quite the same, and the money that touts make is a hell of a lot more, but it’s the same concept. I think it should be clamped down on, and I think the people that do it are totally unfair. Maybe I’m just too nice, but I’d rather someone was happy with an item that I’ll never wear again than sell it for triple the price to make myself feel better.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you ever had this issue before? Do you find it’s a problem?

Thanks for reading,

Liz xx



  1. Beccy Kiernan says:

    I completely agree with you hun. I’ve had the same problem with an item from Zara I really wanted. Luckily I just waited and eventually it came back in stock in my size. But I agree I’d never do that to someone.
    Ps you look stunning and I love how you’ve styled the blouse

    Beccy |

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bloggingandme says:

    I’ve been dying for this blouse for so long but I just refuse to pay triple the price on depop, out of principle that I could never imagine ripping somebody off like that!
    Oh thank you, but the person in the pictures is Lissy Roddy, the one who has made me fall in love with this blouse ridiculous amounts😩♥️ xx


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