There’s no denying that gingham is one of those things that you either love or you hate, a bit like marmite and I am one of the lovers.
The garish print of gingham is definitely what puts people off, I believe, but that’s exactly what draws me in. I love a print of anything slightly in your face, that other people would look and think “just why?“. But I think if you pair gingham right, with something plain, then you can’t really go wrong.
Yesterday I went shopping in Liverpool for some clothes for Paris next week (eeeeek!) and I walked into Pull and Bear, when I saw a gingham mini skirt in the window. I looked everywhere, I walked round the shop three times trying to find it, until I went to ask one of the assistants and they had ONE left in my size. I immediately tried it on and fell in love with it instantly.

Another thing that I love about this gingham mini skirt is that it also has a frill going across the front of it, pairing two of the hottest trends right now together.

I think to make gingham work you need a pretty monochrome outfit, so I will be pairing this with a white Zara shirt and more than likely, some vans (with tights, because Paris is usually freezing!). However, if I was to wear this on a night out, I would probably switch up my footwear and wear a bright shoe/boot just to give my outfit that pop of colour to contrast with the monochrome.

I’m so excited to wear this outfit next week in Paris and I’ll be sure to get an outfit picture up to show you how my styling went.

Gingham skirt – here

Zara shirt – here (check the pearl details to the sleeves!)

Vans – here

Below I’m going to link some of my other favourite gingham items at the minute which I think could slowly make their way into my wardrobe.

This gingham top from Zara also sports two of the biggest trends right now – gingham and belled sleeves. I’m pretty sure this will be flying off the shelves in every Zara.

Now, like I said before, I’m a lover of a garish garment, something which most people would look at and never dream of wearing, and by that, I’m talking about these Zara trousers. Gingham, frilly and everything that’s right with the world.

This New Look dress is perfect for summer. Something you could wear for work in the office with some flats or a night out with your friends with some heels or brightly coloured boots. Who doesn’t love a versatile outfit?

With summer around the corner these Topshop shorts are perfect for making that plainer outfit stand out on a sunny day or on a night out with your gal pals.

I hope you enjoyed reading how I’ll be styling my gingham next week, be sure to leave a comment on how you feel about the return of gingham!



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