Putting what feels like the inside of my brain out on the internet for the whole world to see is probably something that has terrified me for months, and something that has stopped me from doing something i’ve always wanted to – blogging. Blogging interests me beyond any words I can use to describe it. Fashion blogs, travel blogs, beauty, lifestyle, you name it, I’ve read a lot. Spent hours scrolling through Instagram and watching Youtubers online. I’ve watched them do something that I have always been interested in, yet have been too nervous to do anything about. Yet, they all have one piece of advice in common, and that is not to care what other people think. and it’s right. I want to write about which destination is next on my list, places I’ve loved and places I’ve lusted over. I want to talk about how drugstore foundations can be just as good as high end if you find the right one, or about how I’m one of those people that can’t help but love a bit of denim on denim.

I’m Liz, 19 from North West England (which is much easier to write than trying to explain where I’m from). A dog lover, an apprentice legal administrator, a book lover, travel enthusiast – a lover of a lot of things, to put it short. And someone who just wants to write. I’ve always loved writing, but not the whole “make you own story” type in an English class. More of a note taker, someone who has to write EVERYTHING down. Someone who has that many things they think about in a day that they have to get it down somewhere. I feel like I never get any creativity out anywhere. I used to love drawing, but I stopped. I once started a blog, but I stopped. So, I’ve decided I’m going to give it another go, a better go. For now, I’m pretty sure I’m going to write about plenty of different things. Travelling, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, what I love right now – anything. I just want to get my interests out somewhere – and most importantly, I want to stick to it. I want to finally teach myself to stop being such a worrier – by far my worst trait.

So, here I am, writing and hoping to stick to it. I have a list (of course) of things written down that I want to blog about, so they’ll be coming shortly, but I thought a bit of an intro first was probably best.

I’ve also made an instagram account linked to my blog – you can find me at @bloggingandme.

For now, I’m finding my feet with this website, the theme I want and how to set everything up, so you’ll just have to bear with me.

Thanks for reading (if anyone does),



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